Friday, February 5, 2010

Torn Between Two Loves

Well as you might have figured out, I love, love working with fabric. I have since I was a little girl. I can't walk by a bolt of fabric or even clothing without reaching and touching the fabric to see how it feels. I love the colors and the textures and the way it drapes and falls. I like to sew clothing, curtains, pillows, purses, quilts, you name it. It is my "first love" of crafting.....and then.....about a year ago, I discovered fused glass.......and now I am often torn between the two loves. I like the sound glass makes when you cut it and I love how it looks one way when I place it in the kiln and I never know exactly how it will look when it comes out. I don't own all of the equipment necessary to create in glass, but I take classes at a local art center once a week. So, I go to class and make my creation. Then, when I come back a week later.......surprise! Here are couple of examples of what I have done in class. It is loads of fun and I am having a blast playing with it, but in the end my heart will always belong to the fabric! And like a true best friend, the fabric is always there patiently waiting for me.


  1. I think many "artistic types" are like this. I know Joni Mitchell considered herself just as much a visual artist as a recording artist!

    I believe art begets art, and anytime you open yourself creatively to one, it's only going to bring you something more in your other artistic endeavors. When I'm feeling blocked, or bored with my songwriting I make jewelry, or mosaic, or go to an art show...

    You're talented in many different artistic ways- Thanks for the pics of the glass pieces! Lovely-

  2. Kerri,

    Thanks for the kind, encouraging words! It is always good to hear.