Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Bowl of Oranges

Yum!  GK (my husband) brought these home from the grocery on Friday.  They are SO good.  I have been snacking on them all weekend while sewing.  The nice bowl they are sitting in was handmade by GK.  Yep, he throws pottery.  Really cool pottery.  I especially love this bowl.  I have been working on a couple of quilted throw pillows that I should have finished later this week.  I'll post pics as soon as they are done.  We had such nice weather this weekend in Dallas.  I really meant to get outside and get a nice long walk in.  Rex The Wonder Dog could use some exercise!  But, I got so excited to get my new quilted pillows finished that I never got that checked off the list!  Does anyone else make impossibly long lists of "to do's" every day?  I make these lists of things I want to do each day and if I looked at them honestly, I would KNOW I could never get all of that done in one day!  The progress in my life is that I no longer feel guilty if I don't get to check everything off the list.  There is always tomorrow, right?

I decided that the Black and White quilt needed something so I added the narrow pink border and a wider black and white border.  What do you think?  Should it stay?  I need to get this one layered up and quilted so I can get it to the gal that ordered it.  She has already ordered another one, so it would be nice to get this one delivered.


  1. Lists? I never make lists. What on earth are you talking about, Michelle? Lists. Pssshhhht.

    I love these black and white pieces, the pillow and this quilt. You are so talented.

  2. Rogue, Ha ha, I am such a slave to my lists:)Not really, but I do like to make them. Thank you very much for the compliment on my black and white pieces.