Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have been playing a lot on my new HandiQuilter.  Have I mentioned that I love her????  All that room, there are no words....Here is just a bit of what I have been trying out.

I'm hooked, I tell you....HOOKED.  I could sit and do this all day every day.  So many patterns to try.

It is a very busy season at my day job and I am working long hours under high stress.  I think I would need medication to cope if I weren't able to come home and cut fabric up and sew it back together and then stitch pretty patterns on top of it.  It truly is like therapy.  Or Valium.  Or a bottle of wine.  But way better.  No hangover.  Wish I could say it was cheaper than therapy, but with the fabric addiction I think therapy might be cheaper.  But not nearly as fun!

I have also been doing some major work on a new website and blog.  There are going to be some changes coming up, but I'm not ready to reveal them yet...stay tuned.

I have been invited to do a Modern Quilting demonstration at CityArts on Saturday, May 28th at Fair Park!  I am so excited and so honored.  The festival goes on all weekend and has over 200 artists displaying their work.  Check it out here:

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Road Trip

This past weekend, G and decided to take a little road trip.  The Quilt Mercantile was having a "book signing" party because they were featured in the Quilt Sampler Spring/Summer Issue.  We decided to drive out for the celebration.  They are located in Celeste, TX and they are the lovely shop that I purchased my HQ Sweet Sixteen from.  I was able to pick up a copy of the magazine before it hits the shelves and Vickey and Jennifer even signed my copy! And,they carry Finca Perle Cotton!  My favorite! I had to stock up on a few skeins.

 G asked me to drive so he could get some work done and as we are driving along, I look over and see this:
Yep, he's got his iPad sitting on top of his laptop!  and I think his cell phone is probably in the other hand!  I guess you can never have too many Apple devices in use at one time......I don't want to hear a word about my sewing machines....

We had such a fun day exploring little towns in east Texas.  (This is the only state I have ever lived that divides itself into quadrants...when you meet someone here they tell you which quadrant of the state they are from.  You just don't get that in other states...I'm just sayin')  I had thrown a couple of my finished quilts in the car so I could get some good shots of them while we were out and about.  G. took all of the photos, and he is amazing with his camera!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Class, A Finish and a Little Something Different

I have been gone awhile, but I have been quite busy creating.  What have I been working on, you ask?  Well, a lot of things!  I have a dear friend whose brother was diagnosed with cancer (he's very young and they have two children, last year his wife battled breast cancer!)  So, I put a call for blocks out to my Modern Quilt Guild members and they were all so generous with their time and stash!  In a very short time, I had more than enough blocks to create the quilt!  (Thanks Dallas Modern Quilt Guild!)  I quilted it on my new HQ Sweet Sixteen!  I love that machine!!!!

A couple of months ago, G bought something for himself and now it has become a little obsession.....It is a 1957 Lambretta Scooter!  It is SO cute.  Her name is Lola and you can take a look at her here.  So, then he buys a tool kit so he can keep her all tuned up.  But, he doesn't like the bag the tools came in.  He asked if I could help him out and I cannot say no to the man.  So, I came up with this little number

He's really happy with it and I had a blast designing it.

I'm teaching a new class at Bernina of Dallas next Monday evening.  It is this pincushion from Sew Take a Hike.  I am so excited to be teaching this class.  I had so much fun making mine and when I took it to Bernina for show and tell, they loved it too.  I contacted Penny about the possibility of teaching it as a class and she was great to work with.  I can't wait to see how everyone's turns out!