Friday, January 8, 2010


I just finished a huge project at work at 5:30 tonight. And I can't TELL you how glad I am that it's done! I have had no time to sew since last weekend and I plan to spend most of the weekend making up for that. The last thing I worked on was a makeup bag that I made for a friend of mine. I even made the little zipper pull out of polymer clay! This was really fun to make. It will qualify as one of my 10 fabric art items because it was made entirely out of items I already owned. I think I'll start a list of completed items so we can count them down and see if I reach my goal. I think my husband should award a prize if he is going to issue the challenge, what do you think?
I went the Quilters Guild of Dallas last night (where I am a member) and the speaker was Becky Goldsmith. I had heard her speak several years ago and was really excited about last night's meeting. The topic was the use of color in our quilts. I really learned a lot and came away very inspired. I have several ideas for new quilts based on what I saw last night. Becky's blog is really fun and full of great stories. You can find it here


  1. the zipper pull was a GREAT idea!

    i need some lessons from you!!!

  2. As the friend and recipient of this incredible make-up bag, I have to say a public THANK YOU! Your work amazes me and I can't tell you what a joy it is to walk into my Master bath and LOVE my new shower curtain, courtesy of your fantastic sewing skills! Love you my friend!