Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Fabric "Throwdown"

So, I have decided to accept the challenge issued by my husband a few days ago. In the next 364 days, I am going to complete two quilts and 10 other fabric art projects. All done using my existing stash.....this part could be the biggest challenge. Have I mentioned how much I love fabric? How I love to go and buy fabric? Complete all these projects using my existing fabric? We'll see how successful I am! I pulled out a project yesterday that I
started about 18 months ago. It involved a massive amount of embroidery and pieced blocks. This was a block of the month from a quilt store in Waxahachie, TX. (one of my favorites) It was another challenge from my husband. We were still dating then and he told me he would pay for the blocks each month, but I had to finish each before the next one arrived or I had to pay him twice the cost of the block. And the amount due would continue to accumulate for every month I fell behind. Now, when I agreed to this I truly believed it would be a piece of cake. Um.....needless to say, I had to marry him or else take out a loan to settle my debt with him! So, two days ago I started with the embroidery completed and sewn together and all but four of the pieced blocks done.
And, now I have the entire top completed! Amazing what can be done when one sits down at the machine! Now, I just have to find fabrics in my current stash to use for the back. Then, layer up and quilt.
So, I begin 2010 freshly motivated to do that which I love and also to rise to the challenge issued. I have a good feeling about the coming year. I love the sensation of having the whole year ahead of you and the possibilities are endless. There is much I would like to accomplish in the next twelve months. And I must say I feel so blessed with the life I have....a loving and supportive husband, great friends and family, a wonderful home and the list goes on.

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  1. I love the quilt that you are about to finish. In fact I love it so much that I actually bought an already finished one from our Churches' Apple Fest Fund raiser this past November. It was in a silent auction and the price was too good to pass up and it was for a good cause. I didn't get the satisfaction of making it myself, but I at least know the Ladies that did make it. Looks like you are off to a good start on your new year, good luck in sticking to your goals.