Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sewing Satisfaction

It feels like it has been a very productive weekend!  And I was SO ready for some uninterrupted time at my machine.  It's been a loonnnggg tough week.  Ever feel like life is throwing a lot of fast balls at you at once?  This has been one of those weeks....very busy at work, my kids are both going through tough times right now, it's HOT (too hot for June if you ask me!)  Whew, I just feel "wrung out" as my grandma says.  Like a wash rag, you know?  So, Friday afternoon I told my husband that I had plans to sew all weekend.  Cause I knew that some time at the sewing machine creating things would help the world make sense to me again.  And just as I suspected, it worked.  And I got a LOT done.  Ready to face the world again, and ever so grateful for a kind and loving husband who supports me each and every day  no matter what is going on in his life.  Not sure how I got so lucky, but I'm taking it!

Friday night I came home and finished this block for my virtual quilt bee,
It's off in the mail to my bee partner tomorrow.  I had to email and ask her for more fabric last week, because I got confused which fabric went where when I was cutting late one night and cut the last piece of pink fabric into two 3.5" squares....oops.  She graciously sent me more and I finished it just in the nick of time.

Saturday morning, I headed off to the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild's Saturday Sew.  I have been to several of these and have so much fun and always get a lot done.  Friday night after finishing the bee block, I cut out the squares for the pink and yellow quilt in the picture below.  Saturday, I got the blocks all sewn together and finished the quilt top this afternoon.  Tonight, I got them both layered up for quilting.  They are for a friend's grandchildren, I can't wait to give them to her.
And are you ready for this???? I had all of these fabrics in my stash, so they will qualify for the countdown on the challenge.  Two more down, Yeah!  (well, as soon as they are quilted and bound anyway).  I also finished this tote (pattern by Anna Maria Horner called The Multi Tasker Tote)

The embroidery on the front is by Anna Maria too.  She has a whole design disk of patterns and projects.  Too cool!  Not a bad weekend, if you ask me.  Lots of time sewing, hanging out with friends, and realizing that life may have it's ups and downs, but there is good in every day.


  1. glad you got some creative time... it does help make the world make more sense!

  2. I love that bag! Awesome.

    I think your block might be my favorite so far. Nice.

  3. CONGRATS on winning the quilt home giveaway! I saw that today on my newsletter! I won it once too and it is soooooooo fun to select the beautiful fabrics!!! Have fun sewing!!!!


  4. that tote is so cute, michelle!
    so glad you had lots of time over the weekend to sew- that was probably so necessary!