Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tools of the Trade

I have most of my sewing/crafting tools in a little white thingy with all of these divided compartments and the whole thing spins.  I have it from back in the days when I sold kitchen tools at home parties.  It's perfect for all of the tools of my trade.  When I look over at the cutting table from my desk that's nearby, it makes me very happy to see all of those wonderful gadgets.  As is so true with any job, the right tool can make everything a little easier.  I have a small addiction to gadgets.  I can't help myself, I just love them!  Don't they all look so happy in their little spinning holder?

I have been busy lately working on a project that may become another class.  I used an Amy Butler pattern, The Domestic Goddess Apron.  There are three different aprons in this pattern and I decided to do the Pleated Bodice Full Apron.  I had never used an Amy Butler pattern before and I was very impressed.  The directions were super easy to understand, very clear and concise.  I'm already planning to make the Half Apron from the same pattern.
There are several pleats in the skirt and the bodice of this apron and I needed to transfer the lines for the pleats from the pattern to the fabric so I could be sure they were evenly spaced and the proper size.  So, I dug out my trusty Tracing Wheel.  I have had this little tool since I began sewing a very long time ago.  (as in almost 40 years ago!!!)  What a handy, dandy tool.  It still works like a charm and I even had the same package of tracing paper and it worked beautifully.
I don't even know if there are still TG&Y stores around.  Are there?  Is there one where you live?  See my pretty little orange lines that show me right where each pleat should go?  I love having the right tool for the job.  This apron came out pretty cute.  Those pleats are really slimming.

G was out of town this past week and couldn't take my picture when I got done.  Rex the Wonder Dog refused to take it because he said he never can figure out the Canon camera, so I took myself up to the Bernina Store where I bought the pattern and fabric and Julie took my picture for me.  I think she took a great picture.

I love being able to sew, really, really love it.  I love the different things I can make, and the freedom it gives me.  I love picking out the materials for a project and then following it through to a finished product.  It is a valuable skill and I am grateful to my mother and grandmother for teaching me.  If you haven't heard about it, head over to Handmade by Alissa and read about Action Kivu.  It's an amazing organization that is teaching women in eastern Congo to sew.  These women have to overcome mind blowing obstacles and this organization is giving them a skill set that will empower them to take control of their lives and to feed themselves and their children.  It makes me very grateful to live in the country that I do and to have had the advantages that I do.  I am so blessed....


  1. I had lost your blog address so am just now catching up!

    I love the apron (and the name is great!). The fabric is gorgeous.

    And you are so right about appreciating your talent (and hard work!) for sewing! What a neat and pragmatic way to express yourself!

    Thanks for letting us in on it!



  2. the "little white thingy" is great- i always envy your organization!

    your apron is adorable! i LOVE cute aprons. and yours is just as cute as the ones at anthropologie and that is really saying something! :)

  3. Thank you! That is quite a compliment. I love Anthropologie. I'm thinking of teaching the apron as a class. You could come make your own!