Friday, July 16, 2010

Photography Lesson

I just got a lesson in photography from my uber talented husband.  I'm so excited to think my photos might be a little more interesting on my blog!  And I'm so lucky to be married to someone so willing to share his talent with me.

Woo!  I just made it through the "busy season" at my office and I can't tell you how happy I am that it is over for another year.  I had the day off today, which was a welcome relief after two weeks of long days and working seven days a week.  I spent the day running some errands in preparation for a new adventure I'm getting ready to embark on!  More on that later.....

I finished a new sample for the "I Never Thought I'd be a Quilter" class that I am going to be teaching next Wednesday at Bernina of Dallas.  If you have ever thought you might like to learn to quilt, there's still a couple of spots in the class.  This is a sneak peak of the pillow that I'll teach the students to make.
Like what I learned in my photography lesson?  I think that I really like that focus in the foreground, out of focus in the background look.  A lot more interesting than the straight on shot I usually do.

I also finished the other Disappearing Nine Patch baby quilt I started.  So, another item complete on the challenge list.  Yeah!  Woo Hoo!

I just love that pattern.  It's so fun to do, quick and easy and looks different every time.  I have started another one that will be used as a sample at the Bernina Store for the class I will be teaching.  I'm going to be working on it tomorrow at the Saturday Sew.  It's being hosted by the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild, you have heard me talking about it before.  I am really ready for a day at my sewing machine, surrounded by friends with similar interests, chatting about our lives.  It is really amazing to me that I did not know any of these women six months ago and now I speak with them several times a week and hang out with them regularly.  I love that quilters are like that.

Off to bed so I'm rested for the sewing, talking, eating tomorrow....hopefully, now that things are not so busy at work, I'll be blogging a little more often.  I keep saying that, don't I?  Well, if I keep talking about it, eventually it will happen.


  1. I love the mystery in the photo, very nice!
    Hope that you had a great day sewing today, I missed it once again, but hope to make it for a full day sometime soon.

  2. Hooray for the focus in the foreground, blurry-type background! Rather partial to that sort of look myself...all mystery-like!