Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gathering of Quilters

This past Saturday was another "sew-in" for the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild.  I joined in on the fun for the fourth or fifth time.  I have trouble finding the words to describe how much fun this group of women has turned out to be.  It had been a long dry spell since I had a group of friends that shared my obsession passion for all things fabric.  Don't get me wrong, I have a wonderful "tribe" of women that enrich my life on a daily basis.  But, they just can't relate to my craft.  They tolerate it, they enjoy the fruits of it, but it's kind of like a foreign language to them.  We have many other things we share and I am glad for that.  The women I have met in the DMQG have filled a need.  I hope you will consider joining us for the next Saturday Sew.

It is a fantastic facility, it just has everything we need.  We generally order lunch in and just keep on sewing.  There is much sharing of information, tips, ideas

I attended a friend's birthday party Saturday night and then got up and sewed again all day on Sunday.  Now that's my kind of weekend!  I finished up sample quilt for a class I'm teaching at Bernina of Dallas next month.  (Pictures to be posted soon).  Tomorrow I teach the quilted pillow class there.  I'm very excited to be teaching at such a fantastic shop!  They have a great set up, and what a great bunch of women that work there!

I also finished my July block for the New Kid on the Block Bee.  This may be my favorite block yet for this bee.  I am seriously considering making a quilt like this for myself.  LOVE it!

She got the tutorial from The Sometimes Crafter.  I cannot wait to see her completed quilt.  She sent such fun fabrics it was a blast to work on.  And the tutorial is super easy.  I still haven't decided what block I will use when it's my month.  So many choices, I'm having trouble choosing.   Suggestions, anyone?


  1. a creative tribe is so important! :) so glad you've found yours-

  2. I love your star block; I adore how they can feel so modern yet so traditional at the same time.

    I hope your class goes great. I'm hoping I can make it to a meeting at the Bernina store. See you in a couple of weeks!

  3. Michelle, I couldn't agree more about finally finding a crafty tribe of women to call friends. I am so glad to be apart of the group!

  4. I love my "quilty" tribe, that's for sure! Thanks for the comments, all!