Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Starting a New Quilt

What a weekend!  I found time to start on a new quilt.  It is a surprise for someone I know, so I can't say much about it yet.  I'm using some charm packs of Amy Butler Love,

and putting them together in strips like this

I got the idea from a posting by Oh Fransson on Sew Mama Sew found  here.  Her pattern is a baby quilt and I need a throw size for this gift.  So, I did not have enough charm packs to do it exactly like Elizabeth did, so I am modifying the pattern to make the size I need.  More to follow as it develops.  This is a GREAT pattern to use your charm squares!  It would make a quick, but VERY cute baby quilt.  I have all of the rows stitched for my bigger quilt after just a couple of hours at the machine.  I think it's going to be very cute.

The next very exciting thing about this past weekend was that I taught the second class in my two class series on Beginning Quilting at City Craft.  We had so much fun!  There were six ladies in the class and everyone got their pillows done.  With their permission, I have posted pictures of everyone's pillows.  Isn't it cool how different they all look, even though they all used the same pattern?  Just goes to show, fabric selection is key.  I think they all did an amazing job in picking out their fabrics.  None of these ladies had ever quilted before and a couple of them were very new to sewing.  I'm so impressed with their results.

What do you guys think?  Pretty impressive for a first quilt project, huh?  I had so much fun teaching this class.  I would just love to find a way to teach full time.  It made it very hard to return to my office on Monday morning and sit and crunch numbers all day long.  I am a firm believer in the philosophy that if you want something bad enough, you can make it happen.  So, I'm going to busy building a plan to make that very thing happen.  I have the beginnings of an idea bubbling around in my head and I just need to put pen to paper...Don't know when or how, but I think if I throw it out there to the universe and do the legwork, it will return to me in the way it was meant to be.......we'll see.......


  1. Great post! I'm learning so much about sewing and quilting and you!

    First of all, I had no idea what a charm quilt is so I looked it up and found a pretty good description here (in case I'm not the only non-quilter who is reading this blog): http://hub pages.com/hub/Charm-Quilts. How cool! I love the historic nature of it and the way it brought women together. Sounds like baseball cards for quilters! The fabrics are great. I'll be anxious to see your progress.

    As for the class and the pillows...WOW!!!!! Silly me. I thought everyone would be using the same fabric and essentially reproducing the black and white pillow that you had made. I love all the different fabrics and how each pillow is so unique. How satisfying foe you as a teacher and for your lucky students. May I just say...the pillows don't even come close to resembling a beginner's project! Very impressive!

    The universe MUST be kind to you and your bubbling idea if there is any justice at all.


  2. Michelle,

    The quilt is so pretty and the pillows are fabulous. I think you teaching full time is a fabulous idea :) ... as one of your happy students, I fully support the idea. Keep us updated!

  3. how did you know my bday was coming up next month? i am so excited about the quilt you're making me!!! ;)

  4. the colors are INCREDIBLE!!! looking forward to taking the Flying Lessons e-course with you!-Robin