Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I'm up to

About 5'2"....hahahhahahahha!  Okay, it's late and I have been SO busy this week that I am getting a little goofy.  It seems that things all end up in the same week so often, dontcha think?  I think I have been running non stop since last weekend.  I taught another class at Bernina of Dallas, (another one coming up next Saturday), spent last Sunday preparing for the Urban Street Bazaar with Lisa over at Vintage Modern Quilts.  We have a booth at the Bazaar!!!!  I'm so excited and I hope you will stop by and see us.  It's going to be a beautiful weekend and there are over 60 vendors scheduled to participate.

I have spent the last two days attending a conference for my day job so I can get the continuing ed hours I need to keep my license.  Wow!  It's a very dry subject and anytime I have to sit still in one place, it just about kills me!  I like to be moving around during my day, not sitting in the same chair for hours on end.   I'm just sayin......and it's really bad timing cause I need to be busy getting ready for the bazaar.

Next weekend, I am teaching the Disappearing Nine Patch technique at Bernina of Dallas.  If you want to brush up on your skills, or just come hang out with some quilty buddies, I hope you will call and sign up.

I sure do love that the weather has cooled off.  I had had just about enough of that stinkin 90 degree, humid as all get out, make me want to hurt something weather!  This weather reminds me of that joyous week I spent in San Francisco this summer.  And speaking of, I thought I would share a few more images of that trip(since I have no new crafty pics to share with you...)

This is the base of the coolest statue I saw as I was walking through the city one day.  Wouldn't that make a really cool quilting pattern?  Kind of like pebble quilting....
Here is the rest of her, isn't she just amazing??
There will be more crafty posts coming soon, I do have a quilt or two in the works and hope to be posting progress on those after the bazaar is over this weekend.

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