Sunday, September 25, 2011


Well, a decision has been made and it is now official......after trying to maintain two blogs (and not succeeding), I have decided to combine them into one.  About a year ago, two fellow quilters and myself opened an Etsy shop called Urban Spools.  We had big plans, but life came along and while we had steady progress it wasn't earth shattering.  It was also a little challenging trying to run an online shop with the three of us in different parts of the city.  One of the gals had a baby last fall and the other is about to deliver her first child in a few weeks.  So, Urban Spools is now  The Etsy shop is still open and I plan to offer quilting services too.  But, I am moving the blog to the Urban Spools blog and that is where you will find me from now on.  If you follow this blog through and RSS feed, you will need to update your reader to the new address.

I hope to see you over will be lonely with out all my bloggy friends.  And it's no fun talking to myself. (even though I do it a lot!)

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