Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

I went to the Quilters Guild of Dallas annual show about ten days ago.  I went with a group of friends from the DMQG.  We picked up Melanie who had come over from Fort Worth on the TRE line and headed off to Mama's Daughters Diner for breakfast....I had eggs over easy, biscuits and gravy and grits....YUM!  I mean really, YUM!!!  It was so good, but I didn't get hungry again until 3:00 that afternoon!  We saw lots of goodies at the show and I picked up a few fat quarters and another market basket.  I have three of these baskets now and I really adore them.  They are so versatile and I am always finding a another use for them.  I like that by buying them, I am helping a woman in Ghana be self sufficient and independent.  I saw some quilts that really got my creative ideas flowing.  They were not my color choices, but I loved the design or sometimes the concept of a design.
I love the graphic feel of this quilt.  

And this one is just stunning!  All those triangles!
But, the most exciting thing that happened for me at the show was I got one of these!  And it arrived at my house today.  O.M.G.
I have been researching this little baby for months now.  I absolutely love my Bernina (Stella) and her BSR, but her "throat space" always leaves me frustrated.  So, I started looking at options.  I knew I did not want a long arm machine.  I don't have the space for one and I have spent the last ten years doing free-motion on my domestic machine.  What that means is that I have totally trained my brain to move the quilt in order to draw quilting designs on it.  I don't think my brain could make a switch at this stage to moving the machine over the quilt to create the designs.  Plus,  I really like sitting down to do my quilting.  So, I read and read and watched videos and joined Yahoo groups and after all of that research, I had not seen any negative reviews of this little baby.  Handi Quilter had a great "show special" going on, so I pulled the trigger.  I took G back to the show with me on Sunday and he liked her almost as much as I did.  (I cannot tell you how lucky and blessed I feel to have a husband that supports me so fully in my craft!)  Here she is in all her glory sitting in my studio.
Truth be told, I love quilting the quilts more than any other part of the process.  I enjoy the other steps, selecting the fabric, selecting a design, cutting (maybe not so much) and piecing.  But, I adore the actual quilting process.  It is soothing and relaxing to me.  I feel I am truly creating something at that stage.  I got her all set up in the sewing studio and played a little while this evening, but I can't wait to actually get started quilting something!  

Happy, Happy, Happy over here at the Kitto home.


  1. Congratulations, Michelle!!! That is very exciting, I know!

  2. How exciting!! From the looks of her, you are soon to be a lean mean quilting machine! Have fun!!


  3. Sounds like a really fun day for you! I really like that first quilt a lot although I'm with you, I would have used colors. The one with triangles hurt my eyes a bit, couldn't focus on it.

    I've watched you research things in the past so I know you did your homework before you bought your new baby!!! Enjoy, can't wait to see all the quilts you whip up now.

  4. Hi Michelle, I have used one of these machines. So much fun!!!

  5. Congrats on your new machine. What I love about Handiquilter is that you can use practically any thread on it. You are going to LOVE that machine:-)

  6. Just wondering if you're still happy with your HQ Sweet Sixteen? I'm thinking of purchasing one, but would love to hear comments from someone that has owned one for a while. Thanks!!