Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Workshop In Progress - 1/26

I signed up for the Workshop in Progress over at Naptime Quilter's blog.  I did this a couple of weeks ago in an effort to spur myself back into blogging.  And then, I didn't post anything the past two weeks!  Typical me....what can I say?  I have put this on my list of things to work on for 2011.  Follow through, doing what you say you will do.  So, I am throwing it out there to you all.  Now, you know a deep dark secret about me.  I start a lot of things and don't finish them.  I sign up for stuff and then don't do it.  Eck, I don't like that about myself.  So, I'm going to think long and hard before I sign up for stuff or say yes to a request for my time.  And when I do sign up or say yes, I'm going to do it.

So even though I missed the first couple of weeks, I'm jumping in now to Workshop in Progress Wednesdays.  This is a project I started almost two years ago.  It was a kit I bought at the Houston International Quilt Show in 2005!  It's on my list of quilts to complete this year.  G. absolutely loves this quilt and I am going to finish it this year and put it on our bed.
It's a medallion quilt that starts with a center block and then borders are added around and around.  It will be an extremely large quilt when it's done.  And it is extremely detailed!  That last border took hours and hours.  First, cutting all of those pieces and then they are sewn together using y-seams.  Very tedious....
The center was paper pieced.
There are three more borders and then I have to decide how I'm going to quilt it.  And if I will attempt to quilt it myself or send it off to a long arm quilter.  I have always thought that if I bothered to piece a top, I needed to quilt it myself or else it wasn't truly my quilt.  But, queen sized quilts are quite challenging to quilt on a domestic sewing machine.  What do you guys think?



  1. WOW Michelle! That's gorgeous! Super duper job!!! Maybe you should quilt it yourself as you're an expert at that too & that way you could say you followed the project all the way through! :D

  2. I'd say, call it a gift, call it a reward, call it done when the long armer gives it back! You'll deserve it once this big, beautiful quilt top is done.

  3. Michelle, that quilt is gorgeous! I think you should get a long arm and then do it yourself!! Also, just a note, that I have always been in awe of how many projects you FINISH! I have you beat in the "start, but not finish" category! Anyway, beautiful quilt! I hope it's on the bed when we can come down to visit! --Renee

  4. Michelle,

    When I think about quilts and quilting, I never think about it being the work of one woman. Quilts, for me, represent the power of WOMEN working together during what have always been very busy lives to make something beautiful and practical. So, I'd send it off to a long arm quilter and feel good about it.

    The quilt top is truly amazing! The pattern and the colors are unbelievable! Awesome!


  5. So beautiful. I like Tricia's comment about quilts being the work of WOMEN, so no shame in sending it off to a quilter. That said, I think the satisfaction I would feel in finishing it off myself would be tremendous. In making the decision I would try to imagine how I might feel in each case a year later.

  6. I think it's important to do what gets the quilt finished to the point where you are happy with it. If that means less borders, then less borders. Or more! And if you don't think you'll ever finish quilting it, then send it off. No shame in that, especially with so many great long armers out there.