Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Drawing a Blank

I sat down at my computer several times over the last few days to write a new blog post and every time, I came up blank on what to say.  It's kind of like when you have been exercising consistently and then you stop....and can't find it in you to get started again.  That happened to me with my blogging.  I was cooking along fairly consistently and then I missed about 10 days and then I couldn't get started again.  I just felt like I had nothing to say.  Two weeks ago, I woke up with vertigo and had to spend three days in bed.  The vertigo is gone, but I still am not feeling 100%.  Between that and trying to get ready for the holidays, I have had little time at my sewing machine and you have heard me whine about that!  I am almost ready for Christmas (a bit more shopping to do and probably a marathon wrapping day).  The house is decorated (as much as it's going to be this year) and it's been relatively cold here this week so I'm finally in the Holiday Spirit.  And I finally felt like I had something to write about.

The officers of DMQG had a little get together last weekend and we all brought one handmade gift.  The challenge was to try and devote an hour or less to this creation.  I think I went a little over, but I sure had fun making this little mug rug, or potholder, or mini quilt.  I guess it could be used for just about anything.  I neglected to photograph the finished product, but here's a shot of it in progress.  I stipple quilted it and bound it in green.  We had a really great time and I ended up with the cutest tomato pincushion made by Lisa.

And I got my Winter Wonderland Quilt back from The Sometimes Crafter!  She did an amazing job and I took it to the DMQG meeting to show it off.  It's hanging in my house right now!  So cute.  I am so happy with the results on this quilt.  It was a TON of work, but loads of fun.

I am really happy that I sent this one out to be quilted.  It's fairly large to quilt on my Bernina and Christina did such a creative job with the quilting.  I'm getting more confident in my free motion quilting, but I could never have done this good a job.  I'll post more closeups on my Flickr page once I take some more shots.  I need to take it outside and get some really good shots with decent light so you can see the awesome quilting.

Off to wrap some gifts so I can have something under the tree.....


  1. Michelle,

    I absolutely love the finished quilt! It is truly amazing! Hard to imagine those smaller pieces you were working on in FL are now all pulled together into this beautiful quilt! Man, you're one talented chic!
    Oh, and sorry to hear about the Vertigo! That, I've heard, is absolutely no fun. Glad to hear you're on the mend!


  2. The big quilt is amazing and I LOVE the mug rug!

    Way to get back to blogging! You've inspired me to get back to exercising. :)

    Hope you're back to 100% very soon.

  3. AHK! You took it to your quilt guild meeting! :) If it had been here for our meeting I would have been tempted to take it myself! I had SO much fun quilting this quilt and I can't wait for my mom to finish hers so I can do it all again. It was a fantastic quilt and I had a great time with it.

    I LOVE your little mug rug! It is so cute!!!

  4. Hello, I followed "The sometimes crafter"'s blog to yours. Three years ago, my friend gave me the same snowman pattern and I never have the chance to finish the quilt. I only had two snowman finished. It was so nice to see your quilt! Thanks for sharing~