Monday, November 1, 2010

Well, I did it!

I attended my first Quilt Market!  And it was SO cool to be there.  I saw some amazing things, got great ideas was generally awe-inspired.  But, my feet are tired!  Wow!  That's a really big show.  I have been to the International Quilt Festival many times, but it has been several years since I went.  I had forgotten how large that place is.
Look!  I made a photo collage!  Some scenes from Market.  I was pretty proud that I figured out how to do this little collage.  Okay, I can admit it to you guys.....Photoshop intimidates me.  I always have to ask G how to do anything in it.  So, today I sat down and worked on it until I figured it out.  Yeah!

See that cute teapot/cup fabric up there?  It's from the Echino booth.  Isn't it cute??  And I really want to make that Amy Butler raincoat out of some laminated cotton.  Here are a couple of other shots from Market.  There were a lot of new lines that we are interested in adding to the shop.

I am busy the rest of this week packing projects for the quilt retreat!  The Dallas Modern Quilt Guild is hosting their first annual retreat at the Compass Centre.  It's going to be three whole days of sewing, sewing, sewing!  I hope to bring a few WIP's and maybe one new project.  I really want to bring all new projects, but I've got a challenge from G to get WIP's done!

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