Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bee Blocks and Busy-ness

Oh my....I mailed my September block for the New Kid on the Block bee. Yep, it was really late.  Yep, I'm not happy about that.  I am trying to do way too many things right now and it's stressful, but I am having a blast!  This block was a lot of fun.  My assignment was to make a block that was 5" by 48".  Yes, you read that right....5 x 48.  We each got a color (YEAH!  I got orange!) with instructions to do whatever we wanted within the size boundaries.  She is going to put them all together with charcoal sashing strips.  I cannot wait to see her finished quilt.  You can see the progress on the Flickr group.  I used EQ7 to work on my ideas.  I started with this
which became this
and finally, the block looks like this,
I finished a quilt top last weekend and even have it layered up and ready to baste.  I love this quilt so far.  I am so excited to get this one quilted and show you the completed project.  I really thought I would have it finished by now, I was so excited to start on it after I got it basted.  Here are the strip sets for the sashing.
I have super busy this week listing items in the Etsy shop for Urban Spools.  Well, at least at night after I get home from my full time job.  I really, really want this to find a way to do what I really love full time.  I keep thinking about how short life really is and I don't want to spend my days watching the clock so I can go home and do what I really love.  I try very hard to focus on the fact that it's not a bad job, it's a pretty nice work environment and the people are very nice.  I think I am closer now than I ever have to been.  I believe when you have a passion, you should follow it.  It took me many years of my life to really discover my passion.  I think there are probably a lot of people that don't know what their passion is.  I feel blessed to have discovered mine.  So, I'm going to sign off and go get busy doing what I love!  Are you doing what you love?


  1. that really is true, michelle- that a lot of people don't even know what their passion is, it's been shoved down so deep.

    well, i'm glad you know yours and are able to do it, even if it's at the end of the day! maybe that makes it feel more like a reward than a job since you don't have to rely on it to be your only money maker.


  2. Love seeing the block come together! Got you in my reader now! :)

  3. Am I doing what I love? No. But the problem is, I don't know what that "thing" is. A good mother would say I love being home with my kids, but truthfully, I am bored. Love them, just don't love not working. But when I worked a lot more this summer, the stress on the family was hard, too. Ah, the age-old struggle. I just wish I knew what I was passionate about. Ugh! I'm glad to keep reading your blog, and hopefully I will become inspired to follow my dreams, too (whatever they may be!)!!!