Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Works in Progress

Well, the blog design is done for now. Knowing me, I'll change it frequently. I took a picture of my storage room for my studio. And another of some additional works in progress that I keep in my studio. And there are more in a drawer.....might have a problem. My goal for 2010 is to complete many of these projects. I don't want to say I will complete X number of projects, because I will rebel against that! But, I want to make steady progress over the next year to completing many of them. My tastes have changed a lot since I started most of these projects, so I will likely put them in an Etsy store once they are completed. But, I feel the need to not abandon any of them. It's a much needed exercise in follow through.


  1. I'm sure you'll find several that are just about done and you can finish quickly! I'm a fairly new quilter with not a lot of WIPs built up (but I haven't finished many so I can see how they build up). I'm trying to get what I do have finished. Your storage looks very organized!

  2. Such a nice neat storage area. I'm with you and hope to finish some (many) of my WIP's before 2010 comes to an end.